Friday, February 10, 2012

Standing Up, Speaking Out

Beating Victim Speaks Out Against Hate

In response to a recent Atlanta, anti-gay beating captured on video before going viral over the Internet, 20 year old victim Brandon White comes out & speaks up against those bent on causing him harm because he is gay.

In a society with extremist Republican political candidates using their hate filled anti-gay "wedge issues," news commentators condoning violence against us for underwear ads, organizations of bigotry/hate including, "One Million Mom March" & their threat of targeting JCPenny's for it's use of a gay spokesperson to governments which seek to create laws to include death penalties to gays, it's no wonder the violent attacks continue against our community...

Enough is enough.

Thank you Brandon, for having the courage to stand up & speak out against those responsible for these atrocious & senseless acts of violence against our community.

May Mr. White be a role model for the rest of our community to stand up & speak out against the lies, intolerance & hate.

Standing up (OK, sitting down) for our rights!