Thursday, March 9, 2017

Never Be Silent!


America's LGBT community is at a critical stage once again as hard fought rights we've gained are slowly being erased by extremist anti-LGBT forces under the djt regime out to try & turn back the clock on civil rights. We CANNOT let this happen & must work together with local, state, feds & organizations to demand our rights be protected.

Don't know your congresspersons phone number? Just call (202)224-3121 & put in your zip code, you will be transferred!

Together, we will rock the halls of congress. Make your voice heard!

Never Be Silent - Resist!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Powerful Message

Thank You President Obama

As we near the end of President Obama's term, our community will  forever remember a most special U.S. leader who rose above fear & intolerance to say, "enough is enough." A man who not only did so much for equality but who made history as the nation's most pro-LGBT president.

We the LGBT community will forever be in debt to your steadfast devotion to "all" American citizens life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness.

As a dark & uncertain chapter is set to begin in American history with the soon swearing in of one of America's most disliked & controversial candidates (lost popular vote by 3 million) & extremist congress since before the American Civil War, We the LGBT community along with various other right's groups will fight to preserve the very rights so many other non minority groups have enjoyed & taken for granted because LGBT rights are NOT special rights.

Rise up & be involved in your future!
#TheResistance #Resistance #Resist

Standing up for our rights!