Friday, March 30, 2012

Extremist Christians Played Out Trump Card...

Deceptive Lies Of The Conservatives...

As Anchorage, Alaska readies for yet another showdown at an attempt to protect LGBT civil rights by using the ballot box (Proposition 5), extreme conservative Christians (those loving & compassionate ones) have once again began spreading fear through extreme bigoted lies...

In this recent propaganda video/TV spot, the owner of a daycare is put into a position that if she is forced to hire a transvestite, she would lose her customers. But, if she didn't hire the transvestite, she would most likely go to jail. Not to mention, the transvestite would take your kid...

If the recent financial disclosure of both sides is any indication of how citizens in Anchorage see it, Proposition 5 could well be on it's way to becoming law & giving the long overdue basic protections to a minority group that bigoted bullies including those behind the "Protect Your Rights" organization take for granted.

Standing up (OK, sitting down) for our rights!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Finally, Truth In Advertisement

Hungering For A Little Homophobia?

Now, I am not one to endorse a homophobic corporation such as Chick-fil-A. But, you have to admit, this take says it all & will have you hungering for more!

Standing up (OK, sitting down) for our rights!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Recent Spate Of Anti-LGBT Attacks In Columbia County, DC

See/Know Something? Say Something!
Metropolitan D.C. police are seeking help in the recent attacks against 2 gay males & 1 transgendered woman in the Columbia Heights area. If you have any information or were in the area when the attacks took place, please contact:
 Metropolitan LGBT Police Liaison Unit
On Call - (202)506-0714

Hate crimes targeting the LGBT community affects us all!

Standing up (OK, sitting down) for our rights!