Friday, August 21, 2009


A Bitter And Costly Road Many New Yorkers Will Travel

Ok, so this is not actually about LGBT rights/equality (actually, once a year it is commonly referred to as the "Gay Train" by our community, come the last weekend in June and not to mention, it is very hot on board due to so many open flames that day) but, it is about unfairness.

With all the fiscal mismanagement in Albany and those who run this so called "commuter haven" that stretches it's ugly tentacles from NYC and lower CT all the way up most of the Mid Hudson valley of New York.

Metro North, which has for some time been crying "hardship, has been pressing the powers that be to do something. So, the "good ol' folks" in Albany decided to "railroad" those who live in the area where the train comes threw by creating exorbitant automotive registration fees.

My previous 2 year automotive registration renewal fee - $48.00
"New and improved" 2 year "railroaded" registration renewal - $163.50

Lets break down those purse lightening little fees:

Increase in flat rate registration fee - $71.00
Motor vehicle "use fee" $10.00 (I wonder if I could avoid it if I promise not to use my vehicle)
Metro North Train Fee - $50.00
6 cylinders under the hood. Yep, there's a fee for that too! - $32.50


That cost does not include yet more fees on the way in 2010 with the new driver's license fees and license plates we will all be required to pay for...

The point I am making in this posting is that we need to take a stand against those that treat us unfairly. Be it equality or Albany!

Do you live in New York? Contact Albany and your elected officials and tell them to stop railroading us because enough is enough of this nonsense!
P.S. Albany and my elected officials have heard my anger!

Standing up (ok, sitting down) for our rights!

Keep a smile on your face and love in your heart!

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