Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Priorities, Priorities...

GOP's Upside Down Priorities...

At a time when American's are struggling to find work (let alone hold onto one since many have continued to move overseas) or who are in jeopardy of their unemployment benefits running out, worrying about putting food on the table, home foreclosures, health care insurance issues, debt, high taxes, the ongoing war in Afghanistan, illegal immigration, etc, the GOP has put together a list of the most pressing issues to deal with in order to "take America back."

At the top of the list are the following: 
  • Health care repeal.
  • Destroying families by targeting marriage equality.
  • Denying a woman her right to choose.
  • Monitoring average Americans who use FOIA.
  • The White House.
Priorities, oh' the priorities...

As for last on the list, G-d help us all.

Standing up (ok, sitting down) for our rights!

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Dominica said...

thanks for sharing and your wonderful blog. i have been enjoying reading it!