Monday, July 25, 2011

Historical First Same-Sex Marriages In New York!

I Do New York!

As a volunteer & advocate for our community, I'm usually in contact with an organization (often my favorite, The LOFT!) or group when I hear of any important issues or events effecting our community as I'm often looking to help since I'm not someone who waits around for a possible "missed opportunity" to make a difference.

July 24th was no exception...

With little sleep the night before, I awoke around 7am to get my morning going as I was eager to get started volunteering in such an historical & joyous event & to be around those that are special to me.
After picking up my friend, we were off on the hour journey to Greenburgh Town Hall (I decide to get there early as I figured there would be plenty of setting up).

Upon arriving to an empty parking lot & locked doors, I panicked & began making calls to find out if I was at the right place & if people were on their way. Well, it turns out we were a few hours early!

Finally, people began arriving & I was eager to get involved. With it pretty much being a catered event, the director of The LOFT asked me to be the "official photographer." So, with camera in hand, I began snapping pictures of everything from the arrivals, license applications, food to the best part, the "I Do's!" choreographed to the sounds of thunderous applause!!!!

Congratulations to some of New York's first who tied the knot & good luck to those who seek it in the future!

Many thanks go out to the Greenburgh officials, the judges, caterers & all who made that magical day possible (especially since they all volunteered their time)!

Standing up (ok, sitting down) for our rights!

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