Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ledyard, NY Town Clerk's Defiance Of The Law

Face Of Official Intolerance

Ledyard, New York Town Clerk Rose Marie Belforti, an elected official sworn to uphold the laws of New York has continued in her defiance to break the law by refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples since the passage of marriage equality in New York.

Last month, Mrs. Belforti sent a letter to the town board giving her decision to NOT issue marriage licenses because of her religious beliefs.

Won't do her job because of her religious beliefs?????

She is ENTITLED to her religious beliefs but, at the same time, she MUST perform the job she was elected & sworn to. She cannot decide which laws to follow & which to ignore. If she decides she can't issue marriage licenses, she needs to resign her position as Town Clerk ASAP.

Ledyard Town Clerk Rose Marie Belforti:
Town Building
1099 Poplar Ridge Road
Aurora, NY 13026
 Phone (315)364-5707
Fax (315)364-5711

Ledyard Town Board, New York Att General, Gov. Cuomo, what are your thoughts?

Standing up (OK, sitting down) for our rights!

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