Monday, October 24, 2011

New Hampshire Marriage Equality Under Threat

Marriage Equality, A Threat To New Hampshire

 "Let the majority (GOP) decide on minorities civil rights"

Even though the MAJORITY of New Hampshire citizens oppose repealing marriage equality...

As progress in LGBT rights slowly moves forward on the national stage, the desire to push them back in some states by those who continue to feel we as a community are not worthy of the "special" rights so many heterosexuals take for granted.

Take New Hampshire, "Live Free Or Die," where dealing with the issues of jobs & the economy take a back seat by those such as Rep Gregory Sorg (R) who still believe we, the LGBT community remain the biggest threat to society. Rep Sorg, in a recent statement said, "gay marriage will cause harm to society over time, even if it's not evident now." Going on to further say, "Some societal changes take generations to manifest themselves."

Estimated Expenditures would increase $50,500 to "correct" the wrongs of the state in fy 2012.

Contact your state Representative or, if you are not a resident but have family/friends from New Hampshire, tell them to help take a stand against this injustice by contacting their Representative & asking them to vote no on Bill 437 because hate & inequality has no place in the state of "Live Free Or Die."

Standing up (OK, sitting down) for our rights!

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