Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Time of Uncertainty

We Are One


As we work through our emotions of the recently devastating election results of President-elect DJT, let us find comfort & strength in each other & know that we, the LGBT community have moved mountains in our struggles for equality.

We must not give up hope. Rather, we must channel our voices of anger into voices of change. Together, our voices will resonate the message through the halls of DC & America, "we are not going back!"

Looking for ways you can help?
  • Come out to a friend.
  • Come out to family.
  • Contact your local or state elected officials.
  • Contact your U.S. Senators (find your Senator here).
  • Volunteer at a local LGBT community center.
  • Consider getting involved on the political level.
  • Donate to LGBT & civil rights organizations.

 We are in this together. We will do what it takes as our community is strong & resilient!
Yours in Solidarity.


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