Sunday, September 6, 2009

As The Band Played On, DADT Played Even Louder

Celebrating The Sacrifices Of America's (straight) Armed Forces

And the band played on...

At an evening of celebration at the nation's premier military academy, West Point,
the MC of ceremonies began by speaking of how many sacrifices the armed services have and continue to give to this great nation of freedom and that we should all stand and feel proud as the flag is lowered.

Sitting there, I began to think of how for many American's, the word "freedom" does not truly apply as well as any celebrating of their sacrifices as I am often reminded of inequality and DADT.

Yes, the performances were outstanding as the military bands Hellcats, Jazz Knights and West Point Concert Band played into the evening followed by a spectacular display of fireworks over the Hudson.

So, as I celebrated the sacrifices of our military service members, a special moment of celebration and sadness from my heart went out to my brothers and sisters in the LGBT community who were shown thanklessness and discharged under DADT...

To you I say, "Thank You!"

And, may DADT one day no longer be a part of America's great policy of discrimination and bigotry.

Standing up (ok, sitting down) for our rights!

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