Wednesday, October 7, 2009

National Coming Out Day/Equality March

A Voice By The Thousands Promising To Be Loud And Proud!

As National Coming Out Day approaches us once again, this year promises to be much more than a day of "self liberation" as thousands of queer Americans and supporters will descend upon Washington D.C. demanding to be heard on the issues of equality and fairness in everything from marriage to jobs, housing and the past campaign promise by then presidential candidate Barack Obama to lift DADT (military ban on serving openly).

As my disapproval towards those that want to deny us of our rights turns to anger, I find positive ways of venting that energy towards advocacy and education (as well as the creation of my award winning LGBT CAT toolbar) in many things I do such as having a conversation with someone regarding the many benefits and protections (such as the recent situation where a lesbian was denied access to her dying partner because Florida is a homophobic state and that hate can legally be used to deny you access to a loved one) we are NOT entitled to solely based on our sexual orientation/identity to being discharged from serving our country.

These discriminative issues just don't seem to make much sense in the great land of America, especially after my recent trip to Springfield, Illinois in where I learned so much more about a beloved man and former president named Abraham Lincoln who's famous Gettysburg Address invoked principles of human equality encompassed by the Declaration Of Independence "a new birth of freedom" that would bring true equality to all of its citizens and declared the sacrifices of battle had rededicated the nation to propositions of democracy and equality.

here we are, 2009' battling for the basic rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, happiness to be free to be who we are because that is what so many, including Lincoln have fought and died for.

So, as we come or step out to be heard, let us not forget the fight for equality does not come easy in a country that "guarantees it" but rather, which is manipulated by hate and bigotry.

Overcome them and we have won our fight!

Stand tall, stand proud and most importantly, be yourself!

Find thousands of LGBT resources from around the world:

Standing up (ok, sitting down) for our rights!

Keep a smile on your face and love in your heart!

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