Thursday, September 2, 2010

Gay Ol' Party?

Change To Believe In?
In a time where the left sentiment is at a big time low, could the new image of the right be known as "the Gay Ol' Party?" 

Riding a wave of change?

With the continued failure of the White House to come out (is there a pun here?) swinging in support of it's campaign promise of ending DADT and DOMA, it appears some powerful (and some gay) GOPer's like Ken Mehlman, Steve Schmidt, Dick Cheney & Laura Bush are coming out (another pun?) and riding the Democratic bunch of lies in hopes of loosening some support of the LGBT community from the usual dedication of the Democratic party.

With some will come no change, including the likes of Mike "puppy dog" Huckabee, Sarah "Russia from my back yard" Palin, Tom "I hate gays" Emmer to John "I'm just plain wrong" McCain, etc...

America's current political system is a system I will always believe that America's Forefathers never envisioned.

Possible solutions include:

  1. Burning the whole political system completely to the ground and start anew like a Phoenix rising from the ashes.
  2. Have candidates sign a "Contract of the People" in where they are evaluated & to see if they don't bring about beneficial change, are caught in the lies or fail miserably, they are fired just like at any other job instead of waiting for re-election.
  3. Term limits of House/Senate.

I'm still not completely convinced I'm ready to see/support red just yet, but at the same time, I'm not feeling much love for blue either...

Standing up (ok, sitting down) for our rights!

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Ishmael said...

Its was wrong about what happened to the HS athletics director in Massachusetts. She wasn't fired she quit. According to the area newspaper in Springfield,Mass. She should have not quit and could have fought the school.