Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thanks Proposition 8 For "Ending The Confusion!"

"Now My Children Know"
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This morning as I sit watching the news from the comfort of my bed, I am greeted by the repulsed smiling face of a supporter of Proposition 8. This young "educated" woman spews out "It is a wonderful day in California as Proposition 8 is upheld because in educating our children, there will be no more confusion as to who brings children into the world because there is only 1 wife, a woman and 1 husband, a man."

Aren't you glad that we are now "educated" on how children are procreated? I never knew that it was just with 1 wife (a woman) and 1 husband (a man) as many of those so called "protectors of marriage" have had numerous interests on the side that have often brought unwanted "mistakes."

As I sat and continued taking notes in "Procreation Class," I began to ponder some tough questions like:

  • How come senior citizens are "allowed" to marry? They don't bring children into the world.
  • How come people who don't want children are "allowed" to marry? The don't bring children into the world.
  • How come people who can't have children are "allowed" to marry? They don't bring children into the world.
  • How can "Octomom" have all those children? She is not married!
Please, dear procreation teacher and supporter of your coveted Proposition 8, can you help to shed some light on these questions because like me, there are so many others asking the same and similar questions.

Now to the best part of class, the practicals! Join the true educators and underpaid heroes who have and continue the fight for equality for you and I, the freedom fighters who demand action! Let's head out and make some real noise and impact for we know, IT IS FAR FROM OVER!
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Standing up (ok, sitting down) for our rights!

Keep a smile on your face and love in your heart!

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Jude said...

Yeah, when you hear that kind of reasoning you have to wonder if their heads are up their butts. Anyway, the fight's on and we're going to win eventually.