Wednesday, May 20, 2009

We The People, Does That Include Me?

Fighting For Something I "have to do," Live...

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Being someone who had a difficult life growing up and encountering the various obstacles and struggles of just living life to the "best of my abilities," I have found the continuation of life a constant battle for many things others take for granted.

Things ranging from the ability to get around good to the support of a loving circle of people who truly care to a world that treats you just the same as their straight human counterparts.

Each day I awaken, I am reminded of the tragic event that unfolded many years back that have left me forever physically and sometimes emotionally scared.

Out of that tragic event, I was able to find a way to help others through my own empathy.

Growing up in a dysfunctional family, it has caused me to pretty much keep to myself as it is a struggle often to open up and let others in. I have learned that in this world, it is better to have a single friend who cares the world for you and is there for you than to have many friends who are there just for there own wants as most of my friends know I would always do what I can for them.

Another struggle in the battle of life I fight is the battle of acceptance. Being a lesbian in a world of hate and intolerance goes much further that just having the right to live and love as I wish including where I live and hearing the idiot neighbor saying something like "whatever that person is."

Consider the hand holding in public that straight couples take for granted or their affectionate kiss in public. Could I do that? Well, I could but it most likely would be frowned upon or something worst like someone might complain saying that we are doing something "inappropriate" in front of their kids.

Consider medical care. Most straight individuals (with insurance or lots of money) look up a doctors in their phone books or through the word of mouth of family/friends. Not me. I have had to do the following;

* Research various doctors and medical facilities that are "gay friendly."

* Reach out to the local LGBT Community Center
(this option is not always available to many) and hope they have a referral service (referral services can include anything from legal services, medical, night clubs, bars, crisis intervention, events, etc).

* Ask others in the gay community.

Why does health care have to be this way for so many? What ever happened to the Hippocratic Oath? Didn't they go into health care because they care about others regardless as something so stupid an argument as their sexual orientation/identity?

Now, a new and dangerous mix is hitting the health care field, a growing list of doctors and health care providers who use their religious beliefs to deny a class like myself the care they need because they say it violates their religious beliefs.

It goes on and on. If it is not in the health care field, it is in politics. Ah, politics...

I was taught that the US Constitution was something of a very special and highly cherished American Freedom loving document.

But, now it seems like many are using their political and religious powers to chip away at sections of the document including the First and Ninth Amendments as well as the right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. It is amazing that someone like me is included in all of them, or again, that's what I was taught to believe.

With an unprecedented number around the country and world eagerly awaiting the legal standings of an Amendment of hate called Proposition 8, to now gearing up for the fight for legal CIVIL marriage and civil union recognition in various states from Nevada, New York, New Hampshire to the overturning and Amending of the state of Maine's Constitution to take away a legal right of CIVIL marriage equality like that of California.

With the recent horrible and inexcusable event in a Florida hospital where a lesbian was denied access to her dying partner's last hours of life.

This scares and angers me and it should you!

This is America right?

Stand up and continue the fight for if we don't, the few rights we currently have and the ones we are gaining could be lost to the stroke of the bureaucratic pen!

Continuing the fight because, this is the fight of my life and yours.
Join me!

Standing up (ok, sitting down) for our rights!

Keep a smile on your face and love in your heart!
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