Friday, August 13, 2010

$150,000 Victory!

On Target For Minnesota Governorship!

Thanks to your GENEROUS corporate gift, I, Tom Emmer am now one step closer to gaining control of the office of Minnesota Governor.

It would not have been made possible without the recent decision handed down from the Supreme Court Of The United States (Kudos to SCOTUS!), your support and that of numerous other anti-LGBT businesses and corporations.

As a favor to you, and to all the others who support me, I will do my utmost to keep the good citizens of Minnesota safe from any homosexual agenda. Second class citizens they are & second class citizens they will remain under my regime.

Again, thanks Target!

"Thank" Target by taking action!

What can we do you ask?
 Hit Target where it counts. Take aim at their bottom line.

Made any recent purchases at Target? Return them.

Cut your Target charge card in half and mail it back to them.

Contact friends, family, neighbors, your local LGBT community center, post messages on social networking sites encouraging to shop elsewhere.

Write a letter or contact Target's CEO Greg Steinhafel: EMAIL  
Phone (612)696-6234
Fax (612)696-6325
Guest Relations - (800)440-0680

Standing up (ok, sitting down) for our rights!

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