Monday, August 9, 2010


Actions Of A So Called "Activist Judge"

Days after the recent victory in overturning Proposition 8 & removing hate from California's Constitution, Proposition 8 trial judge Vaughn Walker has been the focus of calls for impeachment, called an activist judge, had his sexual orientation called into question and various other attacks from right wing anti-American groups (The same groups commenting he should have recused himself, being he is gay, so they say). What if the judge is straight? Shouldn't he have also recuse himself since he would be biased toward bigotry?

With such pathetic showing from the right wing shouting: "What about the will of the people," "impeach" & "the people have spoken," it's no wonder more individuals/minority groups are not living in shackles...

Judge Walker is a shining example of the sacred duties bestowed upon a judge sworn to uphold the U.S. Constitution.

True justice & civil liberties is a right to be enjoyed by all.

Standing up (ok, sitting down) for our rights!

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