Friday, July 17, 2009

The Power Of The Picket Sends A Clear Message Against Supporters Of Hate

Homophobic Christians Air Their Lies “Silencing The Christians” During Gay Pride








Those religious bigots just never cease to amaze me with their, “where the victim’s here and their trying to silence me” lies.

June 27th, Florida (the state of homophobia) television station WFLA, in it’s bad judgment, decided to air an hour long program that basically did nothing more than attack the LGBT community.

Silencing the Christians uh? For a country built on the principals of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and the separation of church state, it looks like the religious zealots hold the cards of silencing as they put forth so much effort trying to restrict and tear apart loving and committed families.

Hypocrites airing such a program about “silencing them” when the story out of a Connecticut, “Diocese asks US Supreme Court to block the release of abuse records.” Silence is golden uh?

Our community seeks equality, not the heinous acts the church is working so hard to keep secret…

Send a message to the supporters of homophobia that standing up against intolerance is more valuable than the oh’ mighty dollar! – WFLA SITE or call (813)259-8010

Find thousands of LGBT resources around the globe with LGBT CAT

Standing up (ok, sitting down) for our rights!

Keep a smile on your face and love in your heart!

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