Wednesday, July 22, 2009

“Stopping Same Sex Marriage Is A Battle We Can Win!” PMW

Stopping Fairness And Equality At Any Cost!


In a race against time, homophobic and deceptive Protect Marriage Washington has asked the Secretary Of State’s Office to extend their office hours into Saturday as to give more time to submit the 120, 577 signatures needed to place Referendum 71 on the November ballot in hopes of overturning the recent “Everything But Marriage Law.”

Protect Marriage Washington, in it’s website messages has stated:

Stopping same-sex marriage is a battle that we can win!

As Maggie Gallagher of the National Organization of Marriage recently told the press: "Three recent polls (Pew, Gallup and CBS News/NYT) confirm that a strong majority of Americans continue to oppose gay marriage, despite the recent push for gay marriage in Iowa and the northeast. Strong majorities of Republicans and independents oppose gay marriage according to the latest Pew poll. Even 41 percent of Democrats oppose gay marriage".

Also, Protect Marriage Washington is asking everyone to “pray that they succeed in collecting the signatures.”

Contact Protect Marriage Washington or you can call them at (360)631-1894, and tell these right wing nut jobs to do what is right and protect all families in Washington, DC but, if they are not interested, they need to stay out of our lives and business, they have their "protections and rights!"

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