Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Yet Another "Sanctity Of Marriage" Christian Goes Down In A Blaze Of Glory!

Hooray For The Hypocrite "Protecting" Marriage!

FILE - In this April 3, 2009 file photo, South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford fields

*** Update 6/25 - This is the same fucking repugnican hypocrite who called for the removal of President Clinton when he was caught!

In a strange twist, South Carolina's Governor Mark Sanford (R) not only goes AWOL from his state position as Governor, but also from his wife and family to romp and roll with a woman from Argentina.

Yet, through it all,
his marriage is "safe" (at least for now that is) and protected against us queers from ever causing any confusion as to what marriage is truly about...

As I sit here and try to figure this all out as well as our next move for equality, I wonder as to when there will truly be "protection" of the institution of marriage for all of us, not just those "privileged" few hypocrites...

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