Thursday, June 4, 2009

"Secrets Revealed" For Full LGBT Equality!

Take Out Your Pencils And Paper!

In a recent and interesting discussion with someone I know, some pretty shocking secrets were revealed to me in why the gay community is not advancing much...

"The gay rights movement is too loud and radical!" We need to tone down our voices and learn to stop shouting (possibly due to how we are treated?) because the "other side" does not do that...

"Does anyone know if this is true?!"

Now, raise your hand if you can tell me if the following groups or individuals are considered radical, loud, murderous, hateful and obnoxious towards our community? - AFA, Russell Arthur Henderson/Aaron James Mckinney - (Matthew Shepard murder, Wyoming), Reverend Fred Phelps - (Westboro Baptist Church), NYC Police Department - (Stonewall), JDF, American Vision, Traditional Values Coalition, Odium Books, Black Radical Congress, G-d Hates Fags, Washington Values Alliance, Allen Andrade - (Angie Zapata murder, Colorado), Dwight DeLee - (Lateshia Green murder, Syracuse, NY), Police - (Duanna Johnson murder, Tennessee), Ronnie Robertson (Beating at bar, Ohio), Humberto Salvador, Josue Gonzalez, and 2 other boys who are under age - (gang rape/carjacking lesbian, California), Long Island Gay Youth Center - (thousands of dollars in damage from vandalism), Lesbian's car vandalized - (rainbow sticker causes vandalism of hate words "fag" and "UR Gay" spray painted on car, New York)...

These "gentle othersiders" who continue their messages of hate and bigotry are not what I consider people you could sit down with and have a dialogue about equal rights and no more hate/violence with.

"What about all those men who dressed up in women's clothings and went to the church to disturb those praying?"

I went on to mention that we as a community do not go around doing things such as that, unlike the Reverend Fred Phelps, who pickets at the funerals of fallen US Soldiers shouting anti gay words...

What do you think? Do we need to continue "shouting" and making our voices heard?


Do we need to go back to "civilized" ways like asking the nice radical right and those that believe we are sick and perverted to just listen to us?

I know what I have to do, do you?

Check out our new and very gay LGBT CAT resources toolbar!

Standing up (ok, sitting down) for our rights!

Keep a smile on your face and love in your heart!

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