Friday, March 6, 2009

CNN Interview - Signorile and Gallagher

If you recently watched the CNN interview with Michelangelo Signorile - (LGBT talk show host) and Maggie Gallagher - (bigot anti equality group), you would have seen something that is all to usual for the bigoted right. Hypocrisy...

When the issue of people getting fired for supporting Prop 8 in California came up, Maggie Gallagher made clear her voice of opposition to anyone knowing the names of those who gave money/support for a hateful initiative (aren't we in the gay community "out and proud?"). It is the California Voter Laws that those who give to voter initiatives that take away peoples rights are to be made public. What do they have to hide?

People getting fired for supporting hate? What about the countless people who are and have been fired all these years for being just who they are? Does she stop and think about all the pain she and her bigoted friends/supporters have and continue to cause?

What goes around comes around??

What about our rights? She does not have to go before people and courts to fight for her right to legally love...

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