Friday, March 6, 2009

The Decision Of Prop 8, Don't Sit And Wait!

With the final arguments heard in California's Supreme Court regarding Prop 8 and all of the tireless work from various witnesses, lawyers, lawmakers supporters and such, we ponder what is going on behind the closed doors of California's "Law Of The Land" and if the "right" decision will be or has already been reached...

Many tough questions seemed to be directed at the opponents of Prop 8 in that we had more work in proving why it would be unconstitutional if allowed to stand when it actually seems like a "no brainer." How something as hateful as Prop 8 is ok for the people to decide since they kept arguing that "people make the laws." If that were the case, everyone should be quite worried because anyone could create a law/ballot against anything and anyone for whatever makes them happy and screwing how they make others feel, act or do. Isn't that another reason there were the "checks and balances" put into Government? Oppressing of a disadvantaged minorty by the majority for the sake of stripping equality is not justice, especially when a part of the US Constitution is overlooked to pass the hateful act. With the so called separation of church/state (since marriage is a civil issue in that you have to be "legally" married with a license even though you went thru a religious ceremony), where is the legal arguments there since the bigots and religious right are saying that it is wrong. Interestingly one of the judges said that the State Constitution was changed by the majority to repeal the death penalty. Wow, people on death row have more protections then law abiding, tax paying and same sex loving citizens do...

During this game of "take a deep breath and wait," we should not sit back and wait. We cant. We must continue moving forward and fighting on. We cannot allow those that want us to disappear into the bowels of the dark closets to continue stripping and denying us of fairness and equality. If we say we are the same as everyone else with the same dreams/ambitions/goals in life and to live as WE ARE, stand back up, shout out and get out there! If you never have considered getting involved, NOW IS THE TIME DO IT!

Keep a smile on your face and love in your heart!

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