Monday, March 2, 2009

State Lawmakers Wage Fight Against Stimulus

In a time of uncertainty with many factories closing, jobs going by the wayside, healthcare costs prohibiting many from seeking medical care, little food on the table and the loss of one's home, some state lawmakers are waging a "war" against the federal government's stimulus plan to help the states.

These resolutions albeit symbolic are asserting state sovereignty in their right to ignore federal policies deemed as unconstitutional. Of others considered "unconstitutional" are the No Child Left Behind Act and any type of ban on assault rifles.. What is wrong with these lawmakers??????????????

Amazing how they will fight against what is right such as equality in same sex marriage, legal protections for our community, financial assistance thru the economic stimulus (even though it is far from perfect) which would benefit states in various ways if they demand it be spent wisely but will fight tooth and nail to protect the right to have assault weapons! It is a difficult time in America that has been caused by the Republicans and one of America's worst presidents (even though the Republicans are chanting "take back America!").

It is time for the nonsense to end and for America to rise up from the ashes of a failed 8 years to become great again. A new dawn has broken and along with that, a new hope.

Keep a smile on your face and love in your heart!

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