Friday, March 6, 2009

Vermont - "rebuild economy, budget and decent jobs for all sexes"

Vermont Inches Toward Marriage Equality Vote

The Vermont Legislature is one step closer to a vote on marriage equality for same-sex couples as the California Supreme Court finished hearing legal arguments that could strike down marriage equality and enshrine discrimination/bigotry into California's State Constitution...

The Governor, Jim Douglas of course a Republican (the party of no in equality except in gun rights) has been opposed to the bill since it's introduction.

Governor Douglas has mentioned that the issue of same sex marriage is such an un-important issue but rather the state should focus on issues like the economy, the budget and jobs for all Vermonters regardless of sexual orientation. For the many Vermont LGBT couples that insist on the same rights, protections and responsibilities as their straight counterparts, marraige equality is VERY IMPORTANT Republican Governor Douglas!

I say, if equality in marriage is not an important issue (since he is straight) that should be fought over, then do the right thing, just sign it into law and move on to the "important issues!!!"

Enough said...

Keep a smile on your face and love in your heart!

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