Friday, April 10, 2009

Designating Who Without Marriage

Designated Beneficiary Act Signed Into Law

State seal of Colorado

Denver - Governor Bill Ritter (D) signs House Bill 09-1260 also know as the Designated Beneficiary Act into law.

Introduced by Representative Ferrandino,
the bill authorizes two adults who are not married to enter into a designated beneficiary agreement. In the absence of a super ceding legal document, a designated beneficiary agreement entitles each party to certain rights and responsibilities.

Under those certain rights and responsibilities to committed unmarried couples including same sex are designations in health care, hospital visits, inheritance rights and dependencies.

It is long overdue in passing protections and rights to ALL COMMITTED LOVING CITIZENS OF COLORADO and not just those that can "legally show their love thru marriage."

Email - Governor Bill Ritter or call (303)866-2471 and thank him for doing the right thing.

Keep a smile on your face and love in your heart!

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