Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hate, Bigotry, Oppression Rhode Island Style!

Governor Donald Carcieri Joins Anti Gay Organization

File:Carcieri visiting NOAA clipped.JPG

Providence - Governor Donald Carcieri (R) made a recent "major step" in the battle to "protect" the state of Rhode Island against the LGBT community by joining the Rhode Island chapter of The National Organization For Marriage (another nationally bigoted hate group who's soul purpose is to rid America of fairness in marriage equality). Besides the Governor becoming it's star state member, his wife Sue also happily joined (I wonder if it was under the "family plan") the fight to make the state safe and help guarantee it's citizens that the sky will not fall in Rhode Island as long as she and her gov husband are part of the fight!

Email - Governor Carcieri or call his office - (401)222-2080 and tell him that he is VERY WRONG using his office to join and promote a group that uses tactics of fear, lies and deception to sway individuals to pass laws that deny a group of individuals their civil rights and liberties

Shame on you Governor Carcieri!

Keep a smile on your face and love in your heart!

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