Saturday, April 18, 2009

Talibanic Christians Calling For Repealing Washington Partner Law

Anti Equality Group Seeks Referendum

Olympia, Washington - Bigoted group, Washington Values Alliance is seeking to prepare a referendum to have the newly enacted Domestic Partnership Bill repealed which similar to civil union laws.

The anti equality group hopes to have the needed signatures collected to put the question to voters by November.

The newly enacted law makes domestic partnerships equal to marriage in various areas of powers of attorney, property and guardianship. Also, it allows partners the right to refuse to testify against partners in court.

To be eligible under the law, couples must be 18 or older and not be currently married or in any other domestic partnership. The law also requires couples to live under the same roof and be financially dependent of each other.

Email - Washington Values Alliance or call
(360)-631-1894 and tell them to do the right thing and take a stand to protect all families in Washington as well as to respect and defend the laws of the US Constitution!

Keep a smile on your face and love in your heart!

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Anonymous said...

I can (almost) understand why people object to same-sex couples using the word 'marriage'. I disagree with those arguments, but I can somewhat understand. But opposing domestic partnerships I absolutely do not understand.

These rights do not conflict with religious liberties. They do not affect opposite-sex couples. They do not corrupt children, change schools, alter churches, or bully businesses. All these laws do is make sure that someone is allowed to be in the hospital room of their dying partner so that they may spend their last few minutes with a loved one. Opposing this is heartless and cruel.